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Welcome to your Monthly Subscription!

WE MADE IT! Am I sat here writing this with a beer in hand?! You bet I am! I save writing this piece of information for when I'm in chill-out mode, as I really love to take the time to explain the thought process behind each flavour.


The subscription is genuinely the most rewarding part of AP chocolate production. Not only am I in disbelief every month when the notifications arrive, that people actually subscribe to something I make(?!), but I LOVE being able to share the inner workings of my chocolate brain with people who are willing to take a few risks in terms of their flavour choices. Having an open minded crowd is great, I love the feedback each month, especially when it always seems to be divisive.

As it's Crimbo, we've welcomed aboard many new subscribers who have jumped on to join us for the next six months, so: welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay. If you're one old my old crew members, fear not - you'll have the chance to re-subscribe for the remaining three months once your six months are up.

Anywho! Enough of the Asahi-inspired ramblings. Let's get to the juice.

First Up: Coffee & Dulce de Leche

Did I hear a sigh? You know where the door is. 

If you're not a fan of this flavour, you haven't yet revealed yourself to me yet (smart move). Coffee & Dulce de Leche was the most demanded flavour of 2023, so it was only fair I brought it back for a festive rendition! Don't worry, I didn't actually change it in any way, just sexed it up in the only way I know how. I've used coffee from Oxfordshire roasters Missing Bean, hand-churned butter in the caramel from Ampersand in Bloxham, and Valrhona 64% Manjari dark for the shell and coffee ganache. 

Milk Chocolate, Orange, Hazelnut, Cranberry

A lil mouthful of Christmas. But not in the disgusting Christmas cake kinda way. The AP way. Valrhona 33% milk chocolate, roasted hazelnut nibs, chonky cranberry and orange compote. A textural delight, if I do say so.

Lemon & Amaretti

Festive again (I mean, I guess that's the theme here), but make it ZINGEH! Sometimes things can get a little sickly when you're taking the Christmas route, so you know I like to punch you in the taste buds with some citric acid. I think Amaretti biscuits was a less obvious combination with the lemon, but hey, I'm a fan.

Miso, Crème Fraiche, Marshmallow

Ok - deviation from the theme. The wild card! This was a flavour combination that featured on this year's Masterchef and it was one of those combos that just went off in my brain and I wanted to have a go. It's white chocolate, vanilla marshmallow, a caramelised white chocolate and miso ganache, with a lemony crème fraiche white chocolate ganache.

Egg Nog

I asked you guys on Instagram for a vote here. I had a minor concern that the selection was a little heavy on the white chocolate. You had the option of Egg Nog or a darker flavour - you voted for a Noggin'. We opted to remove the egg cos that ain't why anyone's drinkin' this stuff. Just the silky smooth Rum with nutmeg, white chocolate, and a tiny dash of vanilla. Mmmm.

Fruit & Nut

Ok, so apparently some of you actually like the OG Fruit & Nut. Quite frankly, you're wrong. You can't surely tell me you would OPT for a fruit & nut over another option? You're surely only eating it because that's all that's in front of you. My mission was to make a fruit and nut that's not simply being consumed because you said "oh, alright then". You want it. You'll crave it.

Cast in a Ruby chocolate shell; naturally pink, fruity, and a lil flamboyant. I've almost created a Neapolitan vibe inside this one - three stripes of Ruby chocolate ganache, a verrrry light and creamy milk chocolate hazelnut gianduja, and then a caramelised white chocolate and pistachio gianduja. This combines earthiness with light, sharp, fruitiness, and I think I'm now almost Team Fruit & Nut.

So, that's it guys! I hope you love every mouthful. Please continue to share (on Instagram, don't share the chocolates) and tag me in your stories as I love seeing everyone dig in! Merry Christmas!

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