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Annabel's new selection, created to fulfill the relentless customer demand for MORE PISTACHIOS!


9pc boxes include these 9 different flavours:

Pistachio nougat - dipped in Valrhona 40% milk

Pistachio Bakewell - Valrhona 66% dark filled with morello cherry compote, pistachio marzipan, and pistachio white chocolate gianduja.

Pistachio, white chocolate, vanilla - Callebaut white chocolate blended with pistachios and Tahitian vanilla.

Pistachio, rose, cardamom - White chocolate and pistachio gianduja, blended with rose water and toasted cardamom, dipped in Valrhona 66%

Pistachio and double raspberry - Rasperry pate de fruit layered with pistachio and Valrhona Raspberry Inspiration chocolate gianduja, dipped in Callebaut 70% dark.

Pistachio and milk chocolate - Valrhona 40% milk blended with pistachios in a milk chocolate shell.

Pistachio crunchy nut - Callebaut Gold blended with pistachios and crunchy nut pieces, dipped in caramelised white chocolate.

Pistachio and orange - 70% dark chocolate filled with pistachio and orange gianduja.

Pistachio marzipan - Pistachio and almond marzipan dipped in Valrhona 66% dark.


Pistachio Lovers' Selection

  • Pistachio Selection

    Cocoa mass, whole milk powder, soya lecithin, sunflower lecithin, pistachios, almonds, egg white, rasperry, cherry, pectin, citric acid, cornflakes (Maize* 98%, Dried Rice Syrup*, Salt, Rice Bran Extract), gold leaf, Coloured cocoa butter (Contains one or more of the following: E133, E132,E129, E102, E110 or E171)

    Best before 30.12.2023

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