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New individually wrapped Sexy Bars, options include:

Peanut Nougat Toffee Crisp - Peanuts, egg, milk, soya, gluten

A chewy toffee crisp layered with a salted peanut nougat, dipped in Valrhona Caramelia 36% chocolate blended with more peanuts!

Hot Mocha - Milk, soya, gelatine. May contain nuts and gluten.

A flavoursome coffee marshmallow layered with creamy dark and milk chocolate coffee ganaches, dipped in dark chocolate and chopped roasted coffee beans.

Hazelnut & Raspberry Cheesecake - Gluten, nuts, milk, soya, gluten

A nutty wafer hazelnut base layered with a hazelnut cheesecake ganache, a dark chocolate hazelnut ganache, dipped in a tart raspberry and hazelnut chocolate.

Strawberry Milk Chocolate Mallow Crisp - Gluten, milk, soya, gelatine. May contain nuts

Strawberry marshmallow chocolate crisp layered with a strawberry gel, dipped in creamy 33% milk chocolate

Pistachio Nougat Crisp - Gluten, milk, soya, nuts, egg

Toffee crisp layered with pistachio crunchy nut and pistachio nougat, dipped in 36% milk chocolate.

Individual Sexy Bars

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